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Dress Code

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Required Dress Code

The Westlake Academy Uniform Policy specifically outlines school-approved uniform options for students.

Students must arrive at school and remain in the required uniform at all times while on campus.

The student uniform standards encourage a productive learning environment in which students can focus on learning, appreciate an awareness of others without distractions, develop character and good citizenship skills, and instill respect and self-discipline.  

The required Dress Code for each day is as follows:

We have two authorized uniform providers:
Ivy School Uniforms
1101 Cheek Sparger, Suite 106
Colleyville, TX 76034


Mills Uniform Company
6080 South Hulen, Suite 390
Ft. Worth, TX  76132


Please review the detailed requirements of the WA Dress Code and share them with your child to be in compliance with the uniform policy throughout the school year.