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Health and Wellness Initiatives - Secondary Students

Managing Stress

Final Exams


December is a wondrous time for celebration and a time for families to come together. Yet it can also be a stressful time for our students. Many of them will study long hours to sit for semester final exams, be expected to write papers and present to the class on a variety of topics. Others will be hastily finishing up college applications and/or waiting to hear from those colleges to which they have already applied.

How can we as parents and educators support our students and help to ease the stressors that they may be experiencing?  As the modern world moves faster and the demands on our modern world impact our students, we need to nourish their still developing adolescent hearts and minds with moments of stillness, quiet and calm.  Meditation practice and mindfulness techniques can become a refuge for adolescents,a quiet place to return in all the rush of the outside world, a steady place to stand in all the change and hard work of growing up.

Westlake Academy Guidance will be working with students in grades 9-12 on Stress Management Skills at the end of this Semester during the week of assessments.

December 3-6:  Intro to Stress Management and Meditation:  

Students will be introduced to a guided meditation as a method to manage escalated stress and identify any physical and emotional changes before and after they practice the new techniques..

December 10-13:  Mindfulness Scoot:  Discovering what works for me.

Students will learn about mindfulness and different methods to practice ways to self-regulate in times of stress by practicing breathing and mindfulness exercises.

For the week of finals December 17-20:  there will be a Mindfulness Room for Stress Management in A&S Conference Room for our students to ground themselves on campus and use their new skills if/when they are feeling stressed during the week.


Grades to attend sessions during Advisory

Monday (12/3)

Tuesday (12/4)

Wednesday (12/5)