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Campus Leadership Team

The Campus Leadership Team (CLT) is a representative Westlake Academy community committee forum in which students, parents, faculty and community members work together to enhance the overall learning experience at Westlake Academy. The CLT members are:
  • Westlake Academy Executive Director
  • Three Student Members*
  • Three Faculty Members*
  • Three Parent members*
  • Two Community Representative Members
*Student, parent and faculty members represent each of the Academy's three sections: PYP, MYP and DP programmes.

The CLT serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Leadership Team:
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Town Manager
  • Executive Director of Westlake Academy
  • Assistant Principals
  • Programme Principals (PYP, MYP, DP)
  • Coordinator of Student Life and Director of Athletics
  • Communications Director
  • Development Director
The CLT meets regularly to discuss and formulate recommendations for specific projects and initiate actions associated with those tasks.

In recent years, the CLT has been asked to facilitate several projects. As a result, the CLT was instrumental in renewing an emphasis on programs originally established as core hallmarks for Westlake Academy and in facilitating the implementation of new initiatives to help create a renewed interest in the House System. The CLT has helped the House System become more visible on campus and has worked to encourage more house-associated activities.
Examples of CLT special projects:
  • Continued focus on encouraging more community service by students
  • House Anvil Award
  • House Awareness Events
  • Introduction of Junior Achievement to the PYP with volunteers from Deloitte University teaching units aligned with the school’s curriculum
  • Establishment of the Westlake Academy Teacher of the Year award program
  • Establishing the Westlake Academy Chapter of the Junior Historians of Texas
On an annual basis, the CLT will elect a Chairperson who is responsible for arranging and conducting CLT meetings, a Vice-Chair who assumes responsibilities of the Chair when the Chair is unavailable, and a Secretary who is responsible for recording and distributing CLT meeting minutes. All CLT members are expected to participate in the flow and exchange of ideas and to contribute to the development of recommendations for Westlake Academy. 
The blacksmith's anvil is symbolic of strength & stability. Each of the four houses (Keller, Thoreau, Wheatley, & Whitman) may earn the anvil honor based on team competitions & point accumulation.
Former CLT Chairman Bert Shultz provided this anvil (pictured here) for the House Award for earning the greatest number of points in a school year.