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Westlake Academy New Residency and Admission Policy

New Residency and Admission Policy Amendment; Adopted June 1, 2015
The Westlake Academy Board of Trustees updated policies for establishing residency (policy 1.01) in the Town of Westlake and subsequently admission (policy 1.02) into the Academy. These amendments have been discussed and adopted by the Board in order to assist us in managing the increased demand for admission and to serve the best interests of the students enrolled in the Academy.
The new policies will be applicable to current and newly enrolled primary boundary students in 2015 so please review each category and note the effective date. As many of you are aware, growth in the Town of Westlake is underway with two (2) new residential areas (Granada & Carlyle Court) and a mixed-use development (Entrada).
With the new residential construction and new families moving into our other developments, the administrative staff is committed to ensuring that student enrollment for the Academy is managed responsibly for all students who wish to attend the Academy. We must balance our ability to fulfill our charter commitment to educate students residing in the primary boundary of Westlake, with the Academy’s responsibility for financial and academic accountability, so that we can provide an optimal learning environment for Westlake Academy students - from both primary and secondary (extended) boundaries. It was with this in mind that the Academy’s policies on establishing residency and admission procedures were amended.
Below, you will find answers to common questions that we have encountered as we have discussed the policies:
1. Secondary (Extended) Boundary Students - These amendments do not impact secondary boundary students who have entered the Academy through the lottery admission process.
2. Currently Enrolled Primary Boundary Students - These amendments will not impact a student who has already been admitted to the Academy as a primary boundary student (Westlake resident) and who attends the Academy for at least two years before relocating.
What does this mean for my family?
For example, if you purchased/leased your home in Westlake and your child was enrolled in the Academy in 2012, and you relocated to Southlake in 2015, your child may continue to attend the Academy as you have met the two (2) year residency requirement prior to purchasing your new home in Southlake (or any other extended boundary location). If your child was admitted in August of 2014, and you continue residency in Westlake until at least August of 2016, then your child may remain enrolled at the Academy under the then existing policy.
3. Grandparent Enrollment Category - Grandparents providing after school care for a Westlake student will be subject to the same guidelines and policy requirements as a parent resident. Each grandparent will need to complete the enrollment affidavit attesting to at least 10 hours of after-school care per week for the student.
What does this mean for my family?
f your grandchild was enrolled prior to August 1, 2015, you would fall under the policy that allows for continued enrollment subject to the two (2) year residency requirement. You would be able to move to an approved secondary boundary location after your grandchild had been enrolled at Westlake Academy for two (2) continuous years and still maintain the ability for the student to re-enroll. If you are providing after-school care for grandchildren initially enrolled after August 1, 2015, you will need to maintain your residency within the Westlake community for the children to be eligible for continued enrollment at the Academy.
4. Newly Enrolled Primary Boundary Students (after August 1, 2015) - If you are admitted after August 1, 2015, then you will be governed by the newly amended policy (1.02).
What does this mean for my family?
If you move into Westlake and/or your child is admitted to the Academy after August 1, 2015, your child may continue to attend the Academy for as long as you continue to reside in the primary boundary of Westlake. Should your circumstances change and you relocate to a residence within the approved secondary boundary, your child may finish the school year at the Academy and then re-apply as a transfer student from the secondary boundary if you choose to seek continued enrollment at the school.
5. Building Permit Primary Boundary Applicants (after December 31, 2015) – Under the new residency policy (1.01), applicants to the Academy must reside in Westlake to apply for admission as a primary boundary resident. A building permit will no longer be recognized as acceptable documentation of residency.
What does this mean for my family?
Homes under construction – Families with students enrolled in the Academy via the building permit category must complete the construction of their home and establish residency in Westlake according to the policy through which they were admitted. If you are unable to complete the construction of your home according to the building timelines of the policy under which you enrolled - then you will need to provide documentation that you reside in another Westlake residence or your child will need to apply for admission as a secondary boundary resident (which may include a waiting period via the lottery). Upon the completion and occupying of the Westlake home a student may apply as a primary boundary resident.
New home construction receiving a building permit after December 31, 2015 – Students whose families file a building permit after the effective date of the policy may apply for admission as a primary boundary residence once the family occupies their home in Westlake as their primary residence.
Westlake Academy accepts applications during the months of December and January.. The lottery is conducted in late February to early March. 
Should you have further questions, please contact Amanda DeGan, Assistant Town Manager, at (817) 490-5715 or adegan@westlake-tx.org.