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Athletic Philosophy & Department Goals


Dear Blacksmiths:


Welcome to Westlake Academy Athletics. Westlake Academy offers a variety of sports for both Middle School and High School student athletes.  Throughout this letter you will notice references to your "student athlete", rather than your "athlete" because we believe that your children are students first, and athletic participation is a privilege. We look forward to working with each of the student athletes and their families.


A purpose of the Athletic Program is to assist in preparing students to become better citizens. Our aim is to provide healthy, character building, educational activities carried out under rules providing for good sportsmanship and fair play for all participants.


The Westlake Academy Athletic Program is based on the premise that athletes are students first and that athletic participation is a privilege rather than a right. Students learn teamwork and group responsibility. They also learn to deal with success and to overcome adversity. Research shows those who participate in extra-curricular activities tend to make better grades and have fewer discipline problems than those who do not participate.


One of the missions of the Westlake Academy Athletic Program is to serve as an extension of the classroom. There are strong lessons to be learned in athletics. One of those lessons is to set and maintain high standards of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in our schools and our society. It is up to us to provide the direction and constant vigilance under which good sportsmanship can prosper and have a positive impact on our children, the leaders of tomorrow, and ourselves.


The value of the lessons learned by exhibiting good sportsmanship will last a lifetime. If we ever lose sight of that, then athletics, or any co-curricular activity, is not worth sponsoring. The positive actions of a coach, athlete or spectator at an event can influence how any school is perceived in each of our communities and the communities of those schools that meet on the field of play.


We are asking for your support in this effort by emphasizing to your son or daughter what is expected of them at an athletic event as a competitor or spectator. After all, such events are an extension of the school day, and we should expect the same type of respectful behavior exhibited in the athletic arena as we do in the classroom. We urge you to ask your children to demonstrate self-control and self-discipline and at the same time, enjoy the games.


Finally, we ask you to set a good example when in the stands at an event. It is only through these efforts that we can clearly communicate what is acceptable behavior. We hope that your positive example will help set the tone for those around you, so we may all enjoy the games our athletic teams are involved in.

When you purchase a ticket to an athletic event, you are given the privilege to view the action and to voice your support of our teams. We want that support to be in a positive tone, so that the educational value of these events is completely developed and clearly communicated to our students.




Remember that you are at the contest to support and cheer for your team, and to enjoy the skill and competition- not to intimidate or ridicule your team or fans along with the other team or its fans.


Remember that school athletics are a learning experience for students and that mistakes are made. Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people, just as you would praise a student working in the classroom.


A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.

Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.


Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups.


Respect the integrity and judgement of game officials. Understand that they are doing their best to help promote the student-athlete and admire their willingness to participate in full view of the public.


Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.


Refrain from the use of any controlled substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) before, during, and after the game on or near the site of the event (i.e. tailgating).


Use only cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.


Be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior is unbecoming.


Parents and spectators should be aware that the school can (and should) remove them from the premises and can prohibit them from attending future contests due to undesirable behaviors.


Game officials can ask that school administrators have unruly fans removed from a contest facility.


There is no such thing as a “right” to attend an athletics contest. Athletic contests are considered a “privilege” and the spectator who avails themselves of it is expected to conduct himself or herself accordingly.


Keep in mind that you are a guest of the school, and that while winning is certainly an admirable goal, it is hollow if it comes at the expense of morals, ethics, and just plain common sense.


The school is responsible for the behavior of their spectators. The school district can be and will be punished for actions of patrons in violation of TCAF/CSAF standards and rules.


Thank you for allowing Westlake Academy the honor and privilege of working with your son/daughter in athletics. We take this responsibility seriously and vow to provide the best opportunities for everyone.



Goal of athletics at WA:
The athletic program's goal is to develop endurance, strength, self-confidence, fundamentals, sportsmanship and an understanding of the game and teamwork. We expect our student athletes' leadership to cross over into the classroom embracing, supporting and maintaining the Core Principles of our community and the mission of our school.

Westlake Academy Athletic Awards For 2017-2018
Blacksmith Award: Varsity Athlete of the Year 
2017-2018 Winners:
Male: Jude Perry
Female: Cassie Stoltenberg
Given to one varsity male athlete & one varsity female athlete in recognition of their contributions to the athletic program at Westlake Academy during his and her career. Recipients of this award have demonstrated outstanding leadership and sportsmanship qualities as well as showed great commitment to the team in their chosen sport(s) while maintaining a high level of academic excellence. These athletes were a major contributor to the sport season and represented Westlake Academy with a high degree of distinction to school, faculty, students, administrators, opposing teams and fans. 
Hammer Award: Underclass Athlete of the Year 
2016-2017 Winners:
Male: Brendan Myers
Female: Kimberly Wang
Given to one male athlete & one female athlete recognized as the top underclassman in the athletic program at Westlake Academy. Recipients of this award have created and seized new opportunities to become a contributor to their respective team and sport, stayed devoted to improvement of their athletic skill set from the previous year, displayed enthusiasm and a high level of work ethic while maintaining academic excellence. These individuals are considered a rising star of the Westlake Athletics program. 
Anvil Award: Athletic Sportsmanship Award 
2016-2017 Winners:
Male: Clayton Manchac
Female: Natalie Greenwood
Given to one male athlete & one female athlete that has displayed the qualities of character, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and team spirit contributing to excellence in the Westlake Academy athletic program. Recipients of this award have demonstrated commitment and balance between academics and service to the community while holding a leadership position(s) in academy clubs/groups all the while competing in the athletics program for their given sport(s). These individuals displayed a great level of respect towards all competitor schools, teammates and coaches, exhibited a high degree of humility and integrity with the ability to accept victory or defeat graciously.