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Athletic Philosophy & Department Goals


Westlake Academy believes athletics to be an integral part of the student's overall education. Values and lessons learned benefit that person in his or her future adult life. Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right, which carries with it varying degrees of honor, responsibilities, and sacrifices. When a young man or woman signs up for athletics and becomes a member of the team, they make a commitment. The student and their parents should know they are obligated to follow rules and regulations of the program. Every effort should be made by the student to fully fulfill their commitment. Realizing that the athletes represent their school, it is the duty of the athlete to conduct themselves on and off the field of play in a manner that is becoming to themselves, their team, their family, the Westlake Academy student body and the Westlake community.

Goal of athletics at WA:
The athletic program's goal is to develop endurance, strength, self-confidence, fundamentals, sportsmanship and an understanding of the game and teamwork. We expect our student athletes' leadership to cross over into the classroom embracing, supporting and maintaining the Core Principles of our community and the mission of our school.

Westlake Academy Athletic Awards For 2016-2017
Blacksmith Award: Varsity Athlete of the Year 
2016-2017 Winners:
Male: Garrison Luckett
Female: Janzen Small
Given to one varsity male athlete & one varsity female athlete in recognition of their contributions to the athletic program at Westlake Academy during his and her career. Recipients of this award have demonstrated outstanding leadership and sportsmanship qualities as well as showed great commitment to the team in their chosen sport(s) while maintaining a high level of academic excellence. These athletes were a major contributor to the sport season and represented Westlake Academy with a high degree of distinction to school, faculty, students, administrators, opposing teams and fans. 
Hammer Award: Underclass Athlete of the Year 
2016-2017 Winners:
Male: Cooper Cawthra
Female: Lauren Cortinas
Given to one male athlete & one female athlete recognized as the top underclassman in the athletic program at Westlake Academy. Recipients of this award have created and seized new opportunities to become a contributor to their respective team and sport, stayed devoted to improvement of their athletic skill set from the previous year, displayed enthusiasm and a high level of work ethic while maintaining academic excellence. These individuals are considered a rising star of the Westlake Athletics program. 
Anvil Award: Athletic Sportsmanship Award 
2016-2017 Winners:
Male: Connor Kraska
Female: Melissa Williams
Given to one male athlete & one female athlete that has displayed the qualities of character, sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and team spirit contributing to excellence in the Westlake Academy athletic program. Recipients of this award have demonstrated commitment and balance between academics and service to the community while holding a leadership position(s) in academy clubs/groups all the while competing in the athletics program for their given sport(s). These individuals displayed a great level of respect towards all competitor schools, teammates and coaches, exhibited a high degree of humility and integrity with the ability to accept victory or defeat graciously.