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Welcome to WA Athletics

Welcome to the Westlake Academy Athletic home page. 

At Westlake Academy, we take great pride in the achievements of our student-athletes. 

It is our belief that athletics compliments academics by providing additional valuable learning experiences that prepare our students for success in society.

Participation in interscholastic sports offers an opportunity for students to enjoy the pursuit of excellence and test themselves against their own achievements as well as those of their peers. Through competition, students learn that rules, when consistently applied, create order and discipline. The flow of student energy into a more intensified arena enriches the classroom experience and instills moral, spiritual, and ethical patterns of conduct that are carried throughout life. 

The Westlake Academy Athletics site provides information for student athletes, their families and their supporters, including registration for participation. We hope you find this site helpful and return to it throughout the athletic seasons.

Our student-athletes always appreciate having our parents, community members, student body and staff cheer them on. We encourage you to be involved in the Westlake athletic experience as your support is important to the success of our student-athletes.


Thank you for your support of Westlake Academy Athletics!



Gary Ponder

Director of Athletics, Westlake Academy