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Athletic Registration

Westlake Academy athletics is self-funded and dependent upon the income generated through the registration of our student athletes.  The cost of participation in each sport is based on the expense necessary to provide the sport. Expenses incurred include, but are not limited to: equipment, uniforms, entry fees, officials, and special rentals. Every student athlete must register for each sport in which he/she desires to participate. If a student participates in multiple sports, there will be a 5% discount refunded to you at the end of the school year. Athletic online registration is managed through SchoolsBuddy. To register your student for participation in athletics, please follow the process outlined below.

Log in to your SchoolsBuddy parent account.  

On the dashboard, look to the bottom left hand side of the page where you see the “Available Signups” area and select “Athletics Fall Season 2021”.  Once selected, you will see all of the sports your student is currently participating in.  Begin the registration process by completing the online medical history questionnaire and acceptance of terms and conditions.  A 25% down payment by credit card is required to activate your online registration. Once you have completed this step and submitted your down payment, you have officially opened your registration.

Once you have completed Step 1 and officially opened your registration, you have a couple of options regarding how you would like to proceed.   

Option 1: If you desire to continue the registration process now and pay the remaining 75% balance, you may return to the SchoolsBuddy home page and pay the 75% balance.   Any balances owed will be shown in the middle, left hand side of the dashboard under “Fee Summary-Outstanding Fees”.  Once payment is made, your registration will be complete.

Option 2: If you prefer to wait until a later date to pay the outstanding balance, do nothing more now and return to the SchoolsBuddy website site when you are ready. (Please refer to the section labelled “Outstanding Balance” below.) 

If you prefer to pay by check, you may bring the check made payable to “Westlake Academy” to the Secondary office.  Please include a note identifying your student and the sport he/she is participating in.   If you are unable to use a credit card to complete Step 1, you may take a check to the Secondary office and the check will be credited to your SchoolsBuddy account.   You may then log into SchoolsBuddy and begin the online registration process (Step 1, above) and pay with the “credit” in your SchoolsBuddy account.  

After beginning the registration process and submitting the required 25% down payment (Step 1), you may either pay the outstanding balance in full immediately, in full at a later date, or in installments. To make a payment toward your outstanding balance, you may log into your SchoolsBuddy account and submit a payment toward the balance at any time or send a check (made payable to Westlake Academy) to the Secondary office. When paying by check, please include a note identifying your student and the sport they are participating in.

Regardless of the option you choose, we ask that you please complete the registration process and submit full payment no later than the conclusion of the season.

An 5% end of year discount will be offered for all multisport athletes. 

If you have concerns regarding the ability to cover the costs of your student’s athletic fees, please contact Coach Gary Ponder, Athletic Director and he will confidentially discuss the matter with you.  He can be reached at gponder@westlakeacademy.org.  

If you log onto SchoolsBuddy and do not see the registration option for one of your athletes or sports, or have any other questions, please email athletics@westlakeacademy.org