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PYP Action

Responsible, age-appropriate action is the result of successful inquiry.  During the learning process action may extend the knowledge of a student or it may have a wider social impact.  Action may involve service, as it can impact fellow students, or the larger community, both in and out of school.  When students take action, they are learning to work cooperatively, think critically, problem-solve, engage in conflict resolution, and exercise commitment.  


Action in the PYP does not need to be grandiose.  It actually starts on a small scale, with the self, within the family, within the classroom and other areas around the school.  Effective action is modeled by adults, student-driven and voluntary and grounded in personal experience.


International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.  Making the PYP Happen: A Curriculum framework for international primary education,  2009.  Pages 25-27.






Action Is:

  • Doing:  What have you done differently?  How have your given to or helped others?
  • Thinking: How have you thought differently?  Have you changed your mind?
  • Feeling:  Have your feelings changed? Have you empathized or admired?
  • Having: Do you have more knowledge, perspective, or respect?
  • Saying: Have you said something by explaining, discussing, or debating?
  • Being: How has your personality, perspective, or behavior been different?