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Town of Westlake, Westlake Academy IB World School

Approaches to Learning

PYP Approaches to Learning

In order to conduct purposeful inquiry and in order to be well prepared for lifelong learning, students need to master a range of skills beyond those normally referred to as basic. These skills are relevant to all the subject areas as they support the complexities in the lives of the students.  These skills are valuable, not only in the units of inquiry, but also for any teaching and learning that goes on within the classroom, and in life outside the school.  

Students demonstrate Social Skills as they accept responsibility, respect others, cooperate, resolve conflict, engage in group decision-making and adopt  a variety of group roles.

Thinking Skills include the ability to acquire new knowledge, comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and engage in both dialectical thought and metacognition.

Listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, presenting, and non-verbal communication are all components of Communication Skills.

Students develop Self-management Skills in a variety of ways.  Gross motor and fine motor skills are exhibited, as well as spatial awareness, organization, time management, safety, healthy lifestyle, codes of behavior and the ability to make informed choices.

Lastly, Research Skills are used to approach learning in all areas of the school.  Students formulate questions, observe, plan, collect, record, organize, and interpret data.  At the end of this process, students present research findings effectively and appropriately.