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Campus Leadership Team

Campus Leadership Team 

The Campus Leadership Team (CLT) is a representative Westlake Academy community committee that consists of a Westlake Academy Principal, six student members, four faculty members, at least three parent members, the House Coordinator and two community representative members.  Student, parent and faculty members represent the three sections of the academy: Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years or Secondary Program (MYP), Diploma or Senior Program (DP).

The CLT serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Leadership Team that consists of the Superintendent, Assistant Town Manager, Executive Principal, Director of Education, the PYP and MYP Principals, and the Administrative Coordinator.  The CLT is guided by the ELT via a program of assigned work tasks that are directly linked to the Westlake Academy Strategic Plan.  The CLT meets on a regular basis to jointly discuss, formulate recommendations specific to ELT-assigned work tasks or special projects, and initiate actions associated with those tasks.

In recent years, the CLT has been asked to facilitate several projects. As a result, the CLT has been instrumental in either renewing an emphasis on programs originally established as core hallmarks for Westlake Academy or in facilitating the implementation of new initiatives. Over the last few years the CLT has especially focused on helping to create a renewed interest in the House System, which was implemented during the Academy’s first year. The CLT has helped the House System to have a more visible physical presence on campus and has worked to encourage more house-associated activities. The former CLT chairman, Bert Shultz, provided the anvil that is awarded to the House receiving the greatest number of points for the year and arranged for the printing of House banners and the framing of the individual house crests. Two years ago, the CLT facilitated the introduction of Junior Achievement to the PYP level, with volunteers from Deloitte University teaching units developed by Junior Achievement that are aligned with the school’s curriculum. Another initiative that the CLT has worked on in recent years is revitalizing the publishing of The Black Cow. Lizann Cudnall, a parent member of the CLT, has served as the adult sponsor for the paper since its relaunch two years ago. Other efforts resulting from the work of the CLT are the establishment of a Westlake Academy Chapter of the Junior Historians of Texas and the focus on encouraging more community service by students. Currently, the CLT is working on the implementation of a Teacher of the Year Award Program.

On an annual basis, the CLT will elect a Chair who is responsible for arranging and conducting CLT meetings, a Vice-Chair who assumes responsibilities of the Chair when the Chair is unavailable, and a Secretary who is responsible for recording and distributing CLT meeting minutes.  All CLT members are expected to participate in the flow and exchange of ideas and to contribute to the development of recommendations for submittal to the ELT.  The CLT is a forum in which students, parents, faculty and community members work together to enhance the overall learning experience at Westlake Academy.

The team conducts meetings on a monthly basis. For information about the team, please contact the PYP Principal, Rod Harding. 

CLT Members for the 2017-18 school year will be announced soon:

Len Avecilla, Keller Community Representative (Chair)