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Governance and Structure

Westlake Academy Governance and Funding

Westlake Academy is owned and operated by the Town of Westlake and is the largest operating department of the Town.  It is the only municipally owned and operated open enrollment charter school in the State of Texas.  As a department of the Town government, Westlake Academy’s financial management operates through two financial management mechanisms.

First is Westlake Academy’s operating budget which supports the Academy’s daily operations and is funded by State of Texas public education funds and private donations.  These private donations are raised largely through the efforts of the annual Blacksmith Campaign, coordinated and conducted by the Westlake Academy Foundation.  The second financial management mechanism is the Town of Westlake’s municipal budget which contains significant financial resources dedicated to the Academy.  These resources include funds for payment of the debt service on all the bonds issued to build and expand the Academy, as well as provide financial administrative services, human resource services, and maintenance of the campus physical plant.

For that reason, Westlake Academy is governed by a six (6) member Board of Trustees (Board) comprised of the Board President and five (5) Trustees.  Members of the Board of Trustees also serve concurrently as members the Town Council, the governing body for municipal government of the Town of Westlake.  The President of the Board of Trustees is also the Town’s Mayor.  Town Council members/Trustees serve two (2) year overlapping terms of office and are responsible for the governance of Westlake Academy, including adopting policies related to its educational services and programs, as well as establishing its finances via approval of the Academy and Town annual budgets.  The Board works closely with the Westlake Academy Foundation including appointment of members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Town Council/Board appoints and removes the Town Manager/Chief Executive Officer.   The Town Manager/Superintendent appoints, oversees, and removes the Westlake Academy Leadership Team which includes the Heads of Section and Administrative Coordinator positions.  Heads of Section positions are the Head of Primary, responsible for the Primary Years Programme (K-G6), and the Head of Secondary, responsible for theMiddle Years Programme (G7-10) as well as the Diploma Programme (G11-12).  The Town Manager/Westlake Academy Superintendent is also responsible for the Academy and Town’s financial position as it pertains to Westlake Academy.

Additionally, the Town Manager/Superintendent manages funding, functions, and services necessary to support Westlake Academy provided through the Town’s municipal government.  These include physical plant maintenance, financial administration, risk management, human resources, and the Academy’s debt service.  Together the Town Manager/Superintendent, Academy Leadership Team, and the Board work as a team in supporting the Board’s policy initiatives, discussions, and formulations, including strategic planning, as well as making recommendations to the Board related to policy options and IB academic program choices for the Academy.

Heads of Section are responsible for the management and operation of their assigned IB academic programmes.  This includes a wide range of daily management and leadership responsibilities including, but not limited to, teacher selection and evaluation, curriculum planning and design/alignment, teacher professional development and effectiveness, student discipline, program metrics, achieving student success in and outside the class room.