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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees, Agendas & Minutes, & Policies Manual

Laura Wheat, President, Term expires May 2022
Alesa Belvedere, Term expires May 2022
Rajiv Trivedi, Term expires May 2022
Carol Langdon, Term expires May 2023
Dr. Anna White, Term expires May 2023
Chandrika Dasgupta Term expires May 2023
Westlake Academy is governed by a president and a five-member board of trustees. Each of the members is elected for a two-year term, as members also serve as council members for the Town of Westlake. 

The Board of Trustees establishes school policy, approves the Academy's annual operating budget as a department of the Town of Westlake, and serves as the legislative body of the Academy.

The Board holds its regular meetings one Monday of each month. These meetings typically begin with a workshop at 5 p.m. and the regular meeting follows at 6 p.m. All meetings are held at Westlake Town Hall,1500 Solana Blvd., Building 7, on the first floor in the Municipal Chambers.
Agendas and Minutes (once approved) for these meetings are available prior to the meeting with a minimum of 72 hours notice.  

Note: Special called meetings and workshops can be held as necessary and will be posted accordingly.