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2003 Campus Expansion

The original construction project for the campus was completed in 2003 at a cost of approximately $18.2 million.  The original buildings contained the school, and the municipal service offices for the Town and were designated as the Town of Westlake Municipal Complex.  All of the municipal service departments (Finance, Human Resources, Fire Administration, Municipal Court, Council Chambers, Planning & Development, etc.) were housed in the PYP building on the north side of the property, while the academic classrooms and front office were in the current PYP building on the south side of the campus.


As the school expanded grade level offerings and needed additional classroom space, the municipal services departments moved off-site to rented office space. The first departments relocated to the Solana Office Park in 2006 and included the Municipal Court and the courtroom, the Town Marshal’s office, and the Town Secretary.  They were soon followed by Public Works, Planning and Development, Finance, Fire/EMS Administration, Human Resources, Parks & Recreation, and the Town Manager’s office the following year.

2003 campus expansion