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Danish & Dialogue Schedule


Topics and Dates 2020-2021 (held as Facebook Live Events)


October 8 – Reflecting on our first grading period and looking ahead to the net 9 weeks (Dr. Bryson, Mr. Harding, Mrs. Rudd and Dr. Owen)


October 22 – IB/AP Testing Results (Dr. Owen)


November 12  – IB Site Visit Results (Mrs. Watson, Ms. Schneider and Dr. Owen)


December 10 – cancelled


January 14 - Counselor updates (Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. DeRaud and Ms. Phillips)


February 11 - College Readiness Data; Carl Tippen, Westlake Academy College Counselor, will present data from past graduating classes as well as provide general information about navigating the college selection process.


March 11 - Reflection on our third quarter and what's to come in the fourth quarter


April 15 - To be announced


May 13 - To be announced