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Welcome from the Executive Director

Welcome to the official online presence of Westlake Academy, an outstanding learning community.  We are honored by your interest and hope this website will assist you in discovering more about our International Baccalaureate World School.

We honor and hold dear the traditions and philosophies that founded Westlake Academy and established it as a leader among its peers. At the same time, we keep our focus firmly fixed on the future of education and instruction to empower our teachers and in doing so, our students.  As such, our teachers are well trained in the IB philosophy, theory and practice along with Visible Learning.   It is my firm belief that the principles of Visible Learning provide teachers with the tools to more effectively deliver the IB curriculum framework.  

These training opportunities foster teacher efficacy and furnish data to inspire meaningful change that transforms our classrooms into 21st century learning environments.  With that most important paradigm firmly in place, we strive to be the best place for teachers to teach and for students to learn.

Simply put, education matters.

With more than 35 years of experience in public education, ranging from the classroom to the principal’s office to central administration, I remain fascinated by the endless capacity of human potential for engagement and enlightenment. I am moved by the “art of possibilities” in any organization I serve.  This is especially true for Westlake Academy.  The friction between “what is” and “what could be” drives my innovative spirit.  My goal is to create the conditions that inspire others to dream, create, and achieve an educational climate where all children not only reach their potential but exceed it.

It has been said that, as a society, what lies behind us is not nearly as important as what lies beyond.  While we honor our heritage, we constantly strive to embrace innovation, blending our organizational expertise with modern technology and cutting edge instructional practices to create a truly unique learning environment. As educators, our focus should always be forward as that is where our best work will be found. This is how we become the best place for teachers to teach and students to learn.


Mechelle Bryson, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Westlake Academy, IB World School
Twitter: @jmsbryson