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P-3 Campus

Westlake Academy partners with the Texas-based company, Anderson Software, through P3 Campus, to provide a seamless and efficient way for students, staff, and community members to offer information to help prevent tragedy and bring mental health needs to light.   P3 Campus provides a comprehensive anonymous reporting solution designed specifically for the needs, behaviors, and attitudes of students. This partnership allows Westlake Academy (and the Town of Westlake) to foster a relationship between schools, law enforcement, mental health professionals, parents, and students themselves.


Students and parents can use P3 Campus to report the following types of behaviors: bullying (including cyberbullying), suicide concerns, depression, harmful behaviors to themselves or others, drugs and alcohol use or any type of dangerous situations that threaten their safety or the safety of others for the specific purpose of prevention and intervention.

P3 Campus helps keep our students and school safer by:

  • providing students a safe way to communicate concerning information
  • preventing abusive situations from occurring by giving students a safe place to report areas of concern
  • empowering students to take action when things just don't seem right - we want our students to take an active role in helping each other be safe and responsible young adults


There are two ways that students and parents can report information using the P3 Campus system. One is via an App which is available on their iPad and the other is via a link on our website (under the secured Parent Portal under "Useful Links for Parents - P3 Campus: Tip Line." )