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National Honor Society (NHS)

Membership in the National Honor Society represents the highest honor and trust that can be bestowed upon a student.  The National Honor Society recognizes students for scholarship, leadership, service, and character. To be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, a student must be a member of the sophomore, junior, or senior class and have three semesters of high school grades, and have a minimum cumulative weighted GPA of 94%. Freshmen (ninth graders) are not eligible for membership in the National Honor Society. A student must have been in attendance at Westlake Academy for the equivalent of one semester. The faculty council in consultation with the principal may waive this requirement.

The process of selecting new members for the National Honor Society is as follows:

An eligible student will be invited to complete a candidate information packet.

    • The student will be evaluated based on character, leadership, and service.
    • Selection of members to the chapter will be by a majority vote of the faculty council. The faculty council will be made up of (5) voting faculty members of Westlake Academy. The Chapter Advisor will serve as an ex officio, non-voting, sixth member of the Faculty Council.  No principal or assistant principal may be included on the Faculty Council.
    • Students who have committed Level II and/or Level III discipline during the current school year of application will not be considered for membership during that school year.  
    • Academic dishonesty at all levels will immediately disqualify any student from consideration for membership.
    • Recurring instances of failure to turn in homework/completed assignments and uniform refractions will be taken into account when applications are reviewed.

Membership requirements include:

    • Attendance at NHS meetings during the school year
    • Membership dues
    • Participating in service projects each year
    • Meeting the CAS (DP) / service points (MYP) requirements each year
    • Any member who falls below the Westlake Academy standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and/or service may be dismissed from the Westlake Academy chapter of the National Honor Society.