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Scarlet Ganesh
Class of 2015

Scarlet Ganesh not only graduated early from the University of Texas at Arlington but she already has a job secured with Charles Schwab in Westlake! In December, this class of 2015 graduate graduated a semester early with her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science.

When asked how an IB education prepared her for college, Scarlet said “...IB prepared me for college as it taught me how to be well-balanced and utilize my time management skills.”

Scarlet just began working for Charles Schwab as a Business System Analyst, where she uses her skills as a communicator to serve as a liaison between the business leaders and the programmers when working through data challenges.

Scarlet’s advice to current WA students? “It’s OK to fail, but never give up!”

Sophia Maas
Class of 2017


Sophia Maas is a sophomore at New York University (NYU). Sophia has just begun NYU’s Undergraduate Leadership Honors Course Cohort for this Spring Semester, 2019.  The program is very competitive and focuses on high-achieving sophomores who are good candidates for prestigious national and international post-graduate fellowships, scholarships and leadership programs.

Class of 2014
Rachel Whitbeck
Rachel Whitbeck graduated from Westlake Academy in 2014, a member of the fifth graduating class. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, she followed her dream of working for a non-profit. She currently holds the position of social media coordinator for Kids Matter International, a non-profit that serves children locally, nationally, and internationally by providing the necessities needed to improve their lives. This includes new clothing, literacy initiatives, and other programs to ensure a child's success. This desire to work in a non-profit perhaps grew from the medical mission trip that she participated in while at Westlake Academy, which remains to this day her favorite high school memory.
When asked how Westlake Academy prepared her for college and career, Rachel commented, "... Westlake Academy taught me to appreciate different points of view that I might not have thought of or agreed with and time management skills that are so critical." She appreciated the time spent to teach valuable critical thinking and presentation skills that allowed her to be successful in college.
Class of 2014
Hayden Barber
Hayden Barber graduated from Westlake Academy in 2014, a member of the fifth graduating class. He went on to study Sports Marketing at Oklahoma State University and was pleasantly surprised at how prepared he felt for college life. When asked the question, How well did Westlake Academy prepare you for college, he replied:  "Even better than I imagined it would. College was at least 10 times easier than high school for me."
Hayden touched on how participating in the football program at Westlake provided him with great memories and the friendships forged while on the team are still some of his best today.
Upon graduation, Hayden moved to Wichita, Kansas where he covers high school sports for The Wichita Eagle. His career pursuits were inspired by his favorite teacher, April Harrell, who he said, "...pushed us so hard every day, and I think that’s a big reason I consider myself successful today."