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Westlake Academy Students Surpass Statewide Accountability Averages

According to recent information from Texas Education Agency, Westlake Academy students continue to surpass statewide averages in all four of the state’s performance indexes: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. In addition, the Academy earned all seven Distinction Designations for academic achievements in Reading/ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Top 25 Percent Student Progress, Top Percent Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness.

The information, presented to Westlake Academy Board of Trustees Jan.11, reveals a Student Achievement score of 98, soaring above the statewide target score of 60. Student Progress earned a score of 50 (target score 15), Closing Performance Gaps earned a 66 (target score 31), and Postsecondary Readiness earned 93 (target score 57).

In addition, all three of the State System Safeguards were met for Performance Rates, Participation Rates, and Graduation Rates; and End-of-Course results not only surpassed the state averages, but topped the school’s results from last year. Averages for both the ACT and SAT reveal Westlake Academy students surpassed state scores in all subject areas. Attendance and Graduation Rates outperformed state percentages, as well as Advanced Course Completion Rates and College Readiness Results. 

For Westlake Academy educators, responsibility to students extends beyond grade 12. Westlake Academy’s goal as a college prep school is to create college ready students prepared to successfully compete in a global marketplace. To measure success, school administration began tracking the graduates to see how they are progressing in college life. Data is collected via the National Student Clearinghouse, which captures data from 93 percent of colleges. According to the most recent data, Westlake Academy students are succeeding the national graduation rate. 

“College-readiness is two-fold: college acceptance and college completion,” said Dr. Mechelle Bryson, executive principal/director of education. 

The school’s efforts are paying off. For Westlake Academy’s first graduating class in 2010, 79.2 percent of the graduation cohort completed their degree in five years or less. The state average is 52.9 percent of students taking six years to graduate. Other graduating classes have continued success. The 2011 graduation cohort: 100 percent enrolled or graduated, 66 percent have completed degrees in four years or less; 2012 cohort: 100 percent are enrolled in college or have graduated, 14.3 percent have completed their degree in three years or less; 2013 cohort: 87.5 are enrolled in college with 2.5 percent completing their degree; and the 2014 cohort: 94.3 percent enrolled in college in year one of post-secondary life.