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Student Testimonials

front door to Westlake Academy

Born from their unit on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, students from Mrs. Elliott’s G5 class shared their thoughts about why an IB education, and more specifically a Westlake Academy IB education is the best for them. Here's what they had to say:

“Two IB Learner Profile traits that I like the most are reflective and thinker. They remind me to never give in and to never give up.” (Emma E.)

“I like Westlake Academy because of all the diverse specials options like Spanish.” (Maci L.)

“Westlake Academy is a great school because all the teachers and the principals work hard to make learning fun.” (Sarah R.)

“One reason I love Westlake Academy is because of all the options I have including sports and clubs.” (Evie Y.)

“Using the IB Learner Profile traits helps me grow as a respectful lifelong learner.” (Charlotte J.)

“The reason I love Westlake is because there’s so much happiness going around.” (Cory M.)

“I really love the art and music programs at Westlake.” (Kynleigh B.)

"I feel fortunate to go to Westlake Academy because we have so many options here which means I will have more opportunities in the future.” (Sophia G.)

“We talk about current events and learn about what is happening in the world.” (Claire B.)

Because of their great idea, we have tasked other students on campus to let us know their thoughts. We can't wait to hear what they say! We will include their sentiments here.