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Admissions Process

front door to Westlake Academy

Westlake Academy’s admission process is driven by the legal requirements set by state and federal agencies for operating open enrollment charter schools.  We have a Board adopted admission policy.  These policies align with state and federal requirements, and are approved by the Texas Education Agency.  The school will not discriminate in admissions based on gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic, athletic ability, or the district the child would otherwise attend.

As an open enrollment charter school, we accept applications from all students within the geographic areas defined in our Residency and Admission Policy.  The students residing in the primary boundary are given priority consideration, and are admitted upon the completion of the Westlake Residency Application and upon Town of Westlake approval of the enrollment packet.

Applications from students residing in the secondary boundaries are accepted beginning December 1 through January 31 for the upcoming school year. The random selection lottery is held in mid-February. Applications may be submitted anytime however, if they are submitted after January 31, those applicants will be placed at the bottom of the grade level lists.  

Students are exempted from the lottery if they meet one of the following criteria and in the following order:

1. Residency in the primary boundary (the Town of Westlake) or children of the employees of the Town of Westlake, or children of Westlake Academy’s founders, teachers, and staff (so long as the total number of students allowed under this exemption constitutes only a small percentage of the school’s total enrollment). This includes students whose grandparents reside in the Town of Westlake. See more about this provision.

2. Siblings of students already admitted to or attending Westlake Academy. In this case, if there is not room in a particular grade level, students will be placed on a sibling waiting list. This list takes priority over the lottery waiting list.

Once a student is admitted through the lottery process, their siblings are removed from the lottery waiting list and are added to the sibling waiting list.  The list is ordered based upon the date of entry of the first sibling admitted to the Academy.  Students on the sibling waiting list are granted admittance to the Academy before students on the regular waiting list, based upon available openings.  Available openings are any openings that are not filled by students residing in the primary boundary, and the children of staff from the Town of Westlake, which includes all academic and municipal employees.