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PYP Welcome

G2 Students Celebrate Lunar New Year

Welcome to the Westlake Academy primary school pages. Our website is designed to share with parents the programs, activities, features and news that combine to make Westlake Academy an outstanding IB World School in Texas.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) provides opportunities for students to show that they are inquirers, thinkers, risk-takers and communicators. It also allows them to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, well balanced and reflective. These attributes help students develop their awareness of local and global issues.  Through the program of study, students channel the acquisition and application of knowledge into community action or service.  Students are expected to demonstrate positive attitudes towards people, the environment and learning.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile reflects the values section of the Mission, Vision and Values at Westlake Academy.  The Learner Profile aims to develop internationally minded students who can help create a better and more peaceful world.  Inherent in the IB Continuum of education are the values expressed in the IB Learner Profile.  The IB Learner profiles serves“…as a clear and concise statement of the aims and values of the IB, and an embodiment of international-mindedness”. 

Parents often ask what is so different about the IB and the Primary Years Programme and statewide elementary schooling.  While the learning standards are much the same the framework of the IB PYP provides the rigor of the programmed to place   learning within a meaningful context to enable students to connect and apply their learning to real-life situations.

The strength of our school lies in the integrity of programs and the open relationship between the home and the school.  Parents are the first teachers of their children and we welcome a continuing involvement by parents in the education of their children.  

We believe that students have a fundamental right to learn in a safe, supportive environment and to be treated with respect. We also value diversity and operate an inclusive learning environment for all students.

Welcome to the school year and we want you to always question what we do, so we are able to clarify and continue to improve the learning environment at Westlake Academy. 


Rod Harding
PYP Principal


Primary School Principal