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MYP Assessment

MYP students in Library

Assessment in the MYP is criterion-related, reflecting contemporary educational theory regarding assessment. Each subject in the MYP has its own assessment criteria that are age, level, task specific, and based on core learning aims and objectives for that subject. In recent years, educational assessment has moved away from comparing a student’s achievement against other students because this normative model for assessment provided students with continuously negative perceptions about learning. 

In contrast, the use of criterion-related assessment:

  • Compares student achievement with predetermined criteria that, over time, provides greater consistency in maintaining and raising standards. 
  • This method of student assessment helps learners plan their next steps for learning and set goals for improvement. 


What should grades tell us about students? 

  • What things they know and can do 
  • How well they can apply what they know 
  • Whether they are ready to move on 
  • Whether they've reached a standard 
  • What level their work is at 
  • Whether they can solve real-world problems 
  • What their strengths are and the things they need to work on 
  • Whether they have improved during the marking period 


Assessment Criteria

Knowledge and skills are assessed through the following criteria specifically designed for each subject. These form the basis of student reporting. Teachers will communicate to parents and students descriptors for the level of achievement for each criterion. These criteria are translated to the 1-7 overall achievement levels at the end of each semester. Please see MYP assessment criteria here.

All Grade Levels:

MYP Semester Grade Boundaries 
During the five years of the programme, all schools offering the MYP are required to communicate student achievement in each subject group to parents. To determine the final achievement level in each of the criteria for each student, teachers must gather sufficient evidence from a range of assessment tasks to enable them to make a professional and informed judgment. Due to Texas requirements, achievement levels for each criteria are converted to numerical grades. In addition to communicating achievement levels in each of the criteria, students receive a final IB grade. To arrive at a criterion level total, teachers add together the student’s final achievement levels in all criteria of the subject group. The tables below provide a means of converting the criterion levels total into a final grade based on a scale of 1–7.

Middle School Grade Levels
At the semester report, the MYP Criterion-referenced grades are converted to percentage grades in ManageBac.

High School Grade Levels
Please see the chart below to understand how teachers calculate numeric grades from MYP assessments. At the end of each quarter and semester, the MYP Criterion-referenced grades are converted to percentage grades in the TxConnect gradebook. 
Final IB Grade Levels (Semester Report Cards-June)
Interim IB Grade Levels (Progress Report Cards - October and March)

HMYP Reporting Cycle

Throughout the year teachers communicate student-learning growth to parents by giving frequent and specific feedback. In addition to the opportunities outlined below, many other avenues are available to parents to receive feedback. These include: Back to School Night, Academic Information Meetings, presentations for parents, and parent workshops. See more on this.

How to Read Your ManageBac Progress Report

Each class has assessed only a portion of the 4 MYP Criteria during the first Quarter. You may use the Interim IB Grade Levels (Progress Report Cards-October and March) table if you would like to understand how the IB grade correlates to a percentage grade for your student. If your student has an MYP Grade of 3 or below, the teacher of that specific course will provide feedback via a comment regarding the student’s performance and understanding. 

If your student is in high school, the MYP Grade has been converted to a percentage grade, which is visible on the ManageBac progress report. This percentage grade is communicated in the TxConnect/Ascender Gradebook for the 1st Quarter. 

MYP Achievement Grade Descriptors