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CAS (Creativity, Activity, & Service)

DP Students Sitting

“...the goal of educating the whole person and fostering more caring and socially responsible attitudes comes alive when students reach beyond themselves and their books."

CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, Service and is part of the core of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme where students incorporate the IB aims and approaches to learning  into their lives beyond the classroom. 

Participation in CAS encourages students to share their energies and special talents while developing awareness, concern, and the ability to work together. Because IB aims for balance, students are asked not just to do service to others but to nurture themselves as well – follow their passion for art and music, for instance.

CAS is a requirement in order to receive the IB Diploma. An ongoing engagement in a variety of experiences during two years should be distributed evenly among Creativity, Activity, and Service.

150 hours of activities are required of students (50 in each component) using the following understanding of each component:

Creativity: Involves a wide range of arts, and other activities as well as the creativity of the student to design, plan, and carry out service projects.

Action: It may include participation in expedition, individual and team sports, physical training, and physical activity.

Service: Involves community or social service for others. By definition, it must stress interaction with others. Service is relationship based; activities should not only involve doing things for others, but also doing things with others and developing a real commitment.

Visit the CAS Informational Site to learn more about CAS at Westlake Academy from coordinator Mrs. Maru Busico-Flight.