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Blacksmith Annual Fund

Get Up & Give, Westlake!

Blacksmith Giving Day is on September 21, 2023.

Blacksmith contributions cover daily operational costs like teacher salaries and benefits (we must take care of our teachers), technology upgrades, art materials, science lab supplies…all the important must-have’s to run Westlake Academy. Because the Blacksmith Annual Fund (BAF) is such a critical initiative, it’s worth a closer look at what you may think vs. what really is! 


cost of WA education

Did you know that an IB education at WA costs $15,000 per student this year? And even with State and Town support, there’s still a per student funding gap of $2,500. That's why we must rely on generous contributions from WA families to bridge this gap.

For more information on the BAF, visit the Westlake Academy Foundation's website.


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